Build stylish, lean sites with Stack

Stack offers a clean and contemporary look to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup, marketing site to digital storefront.


VR Apps for any platform

We are making high quality multiplatform VR applications to be run on Mac, PC, Android & Apple iOS. 
You can have one app on all of these platforms at the same time. It's up to you.


VR & 3D Web-Sites

Modern technologies

Combining the last WebVR, WebGL. HTML & CSS technologies, we're making unbelievable web content to provide the best experience to people.
Our web-sites can be used with all of the modern browsing platforms as well as with VR platforms. 
Awesome models, remote mobile control as well as voice control can be provided to you, depends on your needs.
Your customers will definitely come back to your web-site just to take a look on it one more time. Think about it.

VR App Creation
(2 weeks of free support included)

*Starting from AED 2000 

  • Best multiplatform compatibility
  • Fast production
VR App annual support

*Per 1 year. Starting from AED5000

  • Bugs & Issues Support
  • Post production changes
  • New features
  • Setting and Installation
VR Web-site creation

*Starting from AED 1000

  • Multibrowser WebGL & WebVR
  • Modern Technologies
  • Awesome graphic quality
  • Firefox VR, Google Chrome VR, Google Chrome, GearVR & Oculus GO support
VR Web-site monthly support

*Starting from AED 500 per month.

  • Remote support
  • Hosting and Domain name provided by us (optionally)
  • Bugs fixing
  • SEO optimization
  • 24/7 Support